July 17, 2019
PR pathway for overseas trained nurses and midwives
OBA for IQNM is a PR Pathway for Internationally Qualified Nurses and Midwives OBA for IQNM is a PR Pathway for Nurses and Midwives who are overseas trained OBA for IQNM is a PR Pathway for Overseas trained nurses and wifewives who have the necessary working experience and qualifications to work as a nurse or...
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Australian Citizenship granted to children born in Australia on their 10th birthday
Australian Citizenship Australian Citizenship Residence Requirement: How many days to do you have to live in Australia to apply? Is there an Australian Citizenship residence requirement? Generally, the Department of Immigration (Department of Home Affairs) can refuse your application for Australian citizenship if you spent too much time in another country. In the case of...
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immigration lawyer can help with adding family members to visa
Adding or including family members to your visa or visa application Adding Family Members To Visa Application or Visa When you make a visa application, you can add or include family members in a combined application for the same visa. Generally, a person is a member of your family unit if he or she is...
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