July 23, 2019
visa refused or cancelled on character grounds
Your visa can be cancelled when you enter Australia Visa Cancelled At Airport if you did not comply with your visa condition Section 116(1)(b) of the Migration Act 1958 permits event like visa cancelled at airport (click here to learn more) to occur. Visa cancelled at Airport occurs either you was never entitled to hold...
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移民律师 immigration lawyer can help unlawful non-citizen
Unlawful non-citizen or people without a visa can apply for a limited number of visas People living in Australia without a visa is known as unlawful non-citizen & No visa: What visas can they apply? Unlawful non-citizen & No Visa people can only apply for a limited number of visas because they are barred by...
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Australia Student visa
Student visa application – How to avoid refusal 4 Ways you can avoid Student Visa Refusal There are many ways to avoid student visa refusal. Often the Department of Immigration (Department of Home Affairs) will use the same reasons for student visa refusal. Sometimes the Department may write to you to comment on certain information...
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