appealing AAT decision
You can appeal AAT Decision to the Federal Circuit Court All you need to know about appealing AAT Decision to Court (FCC) Appealing AAT Decision to Court – you can appeal AAT Decision to Court if the Administrative Appeals Tribunal affirmed, that is, agreed with Department of Immigration (Department of Home Affairs) decision to refuse...
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visa refused or cancelled on character grounds
Visas, including permanent resident visa, can be cancelling for failing Character test PR & Visa Cancellation is permitted for failing the Character test The Department of Immigration (Department of Home Affairs) often subject PR & Visa holder for cancellation if they failed the Character test. Unlawful non-citizen, that is, a person who is not an...
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移民律师 Chinese immigration lawyer
What is the different between engaging the services of an immigration and registered migration agent? Immigration lawyer Melbourne & Migration Agent: Who is better? What can and can’t they do for you. In Australia only qualified people, like immigration lawyer & migration agent, who are registered by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority...
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Appealing visa refusal or visa cancellation When to apply to AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) to review visa refusal decision? Visa refusal & AAT review is often quite scary for anyone whose visa application was refused (or visa cancelled). When you received a visa refusal, you may have the right for AAT review of the visa...
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