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Australia temporary Aged Parent Contributory Subclass 884 visa
Sponsoring retired dependent relative to live permanently in Australia Aged dependent relative Class BO Subclass 114 visa Australia You can sponsor a retired dependent relative from overseas to live permanently in Australia on an Australia aged dependent visa Class BO Subclass 114 if you, or your cohabiting partner (spouse or de facto partner), is over...
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Australia immigration lawyer helping to apply onshore orphan relative subclass 837 visa
Sponsoring child to live permanently in Australia If you have a child living overseas, you may sponsor him or her for an Australia offshore child visa (Class AH) (Subclass 101) to live permanently in Australia with you. You and your spouse or de facto partner must not have been charged or convicted of a registrable...
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Sponsoring a child with help from immigration lawyer
Sponsoring adopted child to live permanently in Australia If you or your spouse (or de facto partner) have legally adopted a child and have full and permanent parental rights, you can sponsor the child for a permanent Adoption Class AX Subclass 102 visa or Adopted Child Visa Australia. At the time you adopted your child,...
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Marriage visa Partner visa
If you are holding an offshore Partner visa, you may apply for a permanent visa Permanent Partner (Class BC) (Subclass 100) Visa: Who And When To Apply You can apply for a permanent partner class BC subclass 100 visa if you have previously been granted an offshore temporary partner class UF subclass 309 visa. In...
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