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Apply for Subclass 190 visa to live and work in Canberra

Subclass 190 ACT nomination, if you live to live, work and study in the Australian Capital Territory or ACT, you can apply to the ACT government to nominate you for a permanent Subclass 190 visa.

The ACT government may nominate you for a Subclass 190 visa if you are highly skilled with experience that is considered in demand in Canberra. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the government’s priority is to support the Australia’s economic and public health. What this mean is, your skills and expertise must be directed maintaining the supply of essential goods and services in sectors critical to Australia’s economic recovery (according to the ACT Critical Skills List).

Applying for Subclass 190 ACT nomination

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canberra Matrix is closed to overseas applicants – you can only apply if you are currently living in Canberra.

If you are currently a Canberra resident, you must:

  1. score at least 65 points (click here to calculate your score) via SkillSelect
  2. under 45 with valid skills assessment and other relevant attributes (click here to learn more about Subclass 190 visa application)
  3. lodge an interest in applying for Subclass 190 ACT nomination by completing a score-based “Canberra Matrix” where you will be given points for economic contribution or benefit and/or a genuine commitment to be part of the ACT community; if your score is the highest, you will be selected and invited to apply for Subclass 190 ACT nomination
  4. you must be residing in Canberra (cannot be visiting for short periods) for at least 6 months before submitting your Matrix
  5. you must be continuously (excluding unpaid leave) working in a paid (excluding internship, stipend, scholarship and volunteer position) full-time (not less than 35 hours per week) for an ACT employer in Canberra for at least 6 months (or 26 weeks); you can work for more than 1 employer (if your employer(s) must have an office or branch (cannot be a home office or a serviced office) within 30mins commute of Canberra) or be self-employed (must have at least 12 months of BAS statements and income must be more than $1,000 per week); your employer must be actively operating in the ACT for at least 12 months; and your income must not be less than the relevant award or market salary rate
  6. you and/or dependant(s) cannot be living or working in another State or Territory; your dependant(s) must be living in Canberra for at least 6 months
  7. you must commit to living and working in Canberra while your visa is processed and for at least 2 years after the visa is granted
  8. if you are invited to apply for Subclass 190 ACT nomination, you must complete and submit an online application within 14 days and attach evidence to support the points you obtained through the Canberra Matrix.

What is ‘Canberra Matrix”

The Canberra Matrix allocates points for demonstrated economic contribution or benefit, English proficiency, academic qualifications, length of ACT residence or study, investment activity and close family ties.

You should be aware that the Matrix cannot be updated or withdrawn once it is submitted, you can only submit a new Matrix. The Matrix will also expire 6 months if an invitation is not issued.

You should also note that the number of Subclass 190 ACT nomination places may be capped for each occupation on the ACT Critical Skills List. ACT may not issue invitations when the monthly cap for an occupation is reached.

Your application will not be priorities for whatever reason, including impending visa expiry or a change in your circumstances. The ACT Skilled Migration team will not answer a request for information on ranking or the likelihood of you receiving an invitation.

If you have received an invitation to apply for Subclass 190 ACT nomination, you must start the application process within 14 days of receiving the invitation. Once the invitation expired it cannot be reactivated. You must note that an invitation to apply for Subclass 190 ACT nomination does not guarantee your nomination application will be approved. You must provide evidence for the points you claimed in the Matrix. Additional document will not be accepted once application is submitted. The standard processing time is 45 working days, and the case officer will not contact you for additional information or for clarification. Your Subclass 190 ACT nomination application will be refused if it is incomplete, or your evidence do not support the points you claimed or you are not eligible to apply.

If your Subclass 190 ACT nomination is approved, your will receive an invitation from the Department to apply within 60 days for the permanent Subclass 190 visa. You should note that an approved nomination does not guarantee that the Subclass 190 visa will be granted.

If your Subclass 190 ACT nomination is refused, you will be informed of the reasons. You can request a reconsideration of the refusal if you can show that your original supporting documents clearly met the eligibility criteria and Matrix score. However, you cannot provide additional documentation.

Commitment to live in Canberra

If you are granted the Subclass 190 visa, you must live in Canberra for at least 2 years. The ACT government will inform the Department if you do not make a genuine effort to live in Canberra.

Subclass 190 nominated by other States or Territory

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Australian migration law is complex and difficult to understand, contact our immigration lawyer for an initial consultation on Subclass 190 ACT nomination or click here to find other visas.

immigration lawyer melbourne subclass 190 ACT nomination

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