Subclass 190 Victoria STEMM nomination

You can apply for a permanent visa if you are living and working in a target sector in Victoria

Subclass 190 Victoria STEMM nomination starts on 07 July 2021 (for financial year 2021 – 2022) with 3,500 places for permanent subclass 190 visas for those who are currently living and working in Victoria.

Subclass 190 Victoria STEMM nomination is for those who are currently living and working in Victoria with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEMM) skills in the target sectors which include health, digital, medical research, life sciences, agri-food and advanced manufacturing.

Subclass 190 Victoria STEMM nomination must submit a ROI between 07 July 2021 and 29 April 2022.

Unlike previously, there is no need to show having worked for certain hours and for at least 6 months in target sectors, you will only need to show your skills fall under the target sectors or related closely to those sectors.

To be eligible for the subclass 190 Victoria STEMM nominated permanent visa, you must:

  • live and work in Victoria
  • work in a Victoria target sector using your STEMM skills
  • under 45
  • have at least competent English (e.g., at least 6 in all IELTS bands)
  • have a valid skills assessment
  • obtained at least 65 points in your EOI (click here to calculate your points)

Subclass 190 Victoria STEMM target sectors are:

  • Health – this sector consists of skilled people providing medical services to Victorians or those involved in related education and research and development. You do not necessarily need to be working in a health occupation like a nurse to be considered working in the health sector. However, if you are a nurse, your specialisation must be (i) midwife or (ii) RN (aged care) or (iii) RN (critical care and emergency) or (iv) RN (mental health) or (v) RN (perioperative) or (vi) RN (paediatrics). Casual employment will be accepted or a role that is closely related to your nominated occupation. However, if your employment that is not related to your nominated occupation you will not be accepted, for e.g., you are working as a Personal Care Assistant and your nominated occupation is a Software Developer.
  • Medical research – this can be medical research conducted in universities and research institutes researching drug development, clinical trials, health product manufacturing, medical devices and digital health.
  • Life sciences – comprising of various industries such as medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical. However, companies involved in food processing, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals may also be considered as the life sciences sector, for e.g., if you are lecturing in biotechnology in a university, you are considered to be working in life sciences.
  • Digital – this sector makes use of technology and innovation to drive economic growth, productivity and competitiveness. However, Victoria is currently only selecting applicants with cyber security skills. If you are using your digital skills in another target sector, you may also be selected, for e.g., you are a software engineer working in medical research.
  • Agri-food – this sector include those who are working to develop food growth and production, such as modernising the agri-food sector. To be selected, you must be using your STEMM skills to innovate within this sector, you can be conducting research and development or involved in advanced manufacturing food.
  • Advanced manufacturing – this sector include defence and aerospace. Your activities can include R & D, design, supply chain management to increase global competitiveness through the use of advanced manufacturing processes.
  • New energy, emissions reduction and circular economy – this sector includes industries such as clean energy, renewables, bioenergy, carbon capture and energy storage. In short, your STEMM skills must be used to support efforts to reduce waste, cut pollution and protect the environment.

You should note that if your Subclass 190 Victoria STEMM nomination is refused, you must wait for 6 months to submit a new application. Furthermore, you cannot seek renomination (but can reapply again) if:

  • you do not submit your visa application within 60 days
  • your EOI was incorrect when nominated
  • your English test or skills assessment has expired

If you are selected for a Subclass 190 Victoria STEMM nomination, you must commit to living and working in Victoria as the Subclass 190 Victoria STEMM nomination cannot be transferred to another state or territory.

Australian migration law is complex and difficult to understand, contact our immigration lawyer for a consultation (fee applies) to discuss applying for Subclass 190 Victoria STEMM nomination or click here for other visa options.

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